Beating Hong Kong’s Bad Air

  • Jan 29, 2015

“Indoor Air Pollution is a slow and invisible killer,” says Mr. Kamal Meattle, a renowned environmentalist. We take approximately 23,000 breaths a day which is about 12,000 litres of air.

Our brain utilizes approximately 20 percent of body’s oxygen supply and brain cells quickly begin to die when they are deprived of the oxygen. And since we spend 90 percent of the time indoors, it is important to fix the indoor air quality indoors at home and in our offices.

“Beating Hong Kong’s bad air: the best ways to defend your lungs from air pollution” throws light on the pollution level in Hong Kong (mainly) and in other parts of the world and also speaks about best possible ways to defend or prevent this problem. Air pollution is a grave threat to our health. Highlighting this problem, Christopher Dobbing – Director of Vogmask, china says that in Beijing, doctors recommend wearing masks at around 200 AQI, which is equivalent to level 7 in Hong Kong. This piece of writing has inputs from a lot of key people, including Mr. Meattle who has emphasized on the solutions. Below is a snapshot of the same. To read the article, please Click Here


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