Paharpur Business Centre – Racing way ahead in providing the mountain fresh air in a commercial building in New Delhi, India

Mr. Kamal Meattle, Chairman Emeritus of Paharpur Business Centre, shared with UNEP Clean Air Advocate, electric mobility entrepreneur and ABB FIA Formula E Championship racing driver, Mr. Lucas Di Grassi that when he became very allergic to Delhi’s air 35 years ago, he came up with a natural solution to purify the indoor air quality with the help of 3 specific indoor plants at Paharpur Business Centre. Both the Money plant and Areca Palm convert the carbon dioxide into oxygen during day time and also remove the VOCs & bacteria, etc. from the air. Sansevieria plant is also known as bedroom plant produces oxygen by converting the carbon dioxide at night. As a result, the concentration of carbon dioxide is substantially lower in the centre than the ambient air.

Paharpur Business Centre is known as a healthiest ready to move-in office building in Delhi, India. It is all because of its picture-perfect indoor air quality (IAQ).

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